Tuesday, January 16, 2018

New Year New Goal: Heaven

It is 1:30 am here in Guyana.  I can't sleep. My husband and son woke me up as Chris was helping him to the bathroom.  Now I can't get bavk to sleep.  I have so many thoughts going around in my head.  They call it insomnia. I call it crazy anxiety.  But that doesn't matter.  What does matter is that God has been speaking to me and I just want to share my journey from last year and encourage you. 

Every new year I write goals.  Things I  want to do, how I want to improve, some of them include spending time with God.  Others about how I want to parent or learn Spanish and sign language.  But really those are such insignificant goals.  I have been really focusing on spending more time with God.  Yes that means less time doing other stuff.  More time in the Word.  I have been. So blessed that to hold it in is sad and it hurts my head.  God does not call us and teach us things just to keep them to ourselves.  No he actually calls us and teaches us and then says, "Go and Teach others what I have taught you. Help them to learn to walk with me as you are."  I am NOT perfect.  In fact I am so far from perfect that at times I call myself a hypocrit. Sadly it is so truthful it hurts.  But in pain we learn to be different.  That is my goal.  To be so different that God is calling me his faithful one.  That my children are wanting to be like God and be faithful and obedient to Him. That my husband is at peace and walking along side me as we make our way to the Holy City. 

This last year we have struggled.  We have changed, we have endured.  We are ready for a break.  But our ultimate goal is Heaven. 

Please come along side us.  Along side me and hear my story.  Listen to where I've been and then listen to where God is calling you.  Life here on this earth is all about learning to listen to God, trust in Him and to help others do the same.  For if we can't do that here, we will hate being in heaven.

I don't know how often I'll share as there are days that I even struggle to survive.  But if you would like to listen and see where God has led me and where he might be calling you.  Please sign up for my blog. 

Many Blessings and may we all meet in heaven on the banks of the glass sea. So that we can praise our Father in Heaven together.