Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Another Day Alive

Yep I'm at it again.  Trying hard to stay focused and on task.  I guess telling someone about it really helps me.  What helps more is when people ask me about it.  I can't lie to a face, it is easier to stay hidden behind a computer though.

I have had a bit of depression lately.  Not sure what from.  Post-partum that has lingered, the whole upheavel of my life, no consistency, the change in who I am and how I define who I am.  I'm just lost and I need a way out.

So here it is again, I've exercised today and drank half the amount of water I needed.  I haven't don't anything else today.

But I did have a great visit with a wonderful friend who inspired and helped me see that outside of me and my world, there are other women just like me who are struggling to find their place.

Thank you Lord for breaking into my self centered universe :)

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  1. I am a healthier mom when I interact with other moms. They inspire me! Enforceable statements are a great reminder.😀